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Find Financial Wellbeing with Us

Have you ever been in a truly diverse room? We mean a room with a person of every creed, colour, gender, identity and belief. Now just imagine, if we took a survey in that room, of a number of financial variables: Things such as salary; knowledge; confidence; wealth; and proximity to experts; Can you imagine the disparity in responses? That disparity? That’s the problem. And worse than the disparity alone, is the skew. The gaps are wide and astonishing when you compare the financial wellbeing of those members of the socioeconomic majority and those who are forgotten and slip between the cracks. We at MWHQ hope to be a part of the solution, and minimise that problem.​We want financial wellbeing for women around the world. We want them to challenge conventional advice, find the keys to their financial freedom


We’re here to financially empower the systematically disempowered


We’re on a journey to increase the wealth of women everywhere by providing financial guidance, generating social capital and inspiring a feeling of control and confidence in all things finance and wealth.

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