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February 28, 2023

First: Well done for even considering the task. The World of finance is rightfully complex - after all, money makes the world go round. But this means it can also be very intimidating. And for most people, very important to get right. Investing for beginners is often daunting and overwhelming, studies show even more so for women in particular.

Deciding to join the party is not an easy decision to make.

But read on for what we hope will bring you some peace of mind and set you off on the right foot. 


What we wish we knew

As you begin your journey, we thought it might be helpful to hear that..

1. You're not alone

This platform was started for the many who felt like us.


Those who felt lost, confused, occasionally excited, occasionally overwhelmed, sometimes shy, sometimes confident but ultimately: intrigued. 

2. You don't need to be the best

You don't need to know all the ins and outs of anything. Progress over perfection.

3. You will get it wrong

Because its also very hard to know all the ins and outs of anything. So don't beat yourself up when the inevitable happens.

4. You'll also get it right

Even if its a teeny weeny thing. You did that. Celebrate the small wins! They'll give you the confidence to go after the big ones!

5. You're not stupid if you don't get it the first, third, or fifteenth time.

If it takes a long time to get that win? You're no less for it. Because all the losses? They're helping you figure out what NOT to do, bringing you that much closer to what you SHOULD do.

6*. Bonus point for those interested in investing for women: 71% of millennial women are investing outside retirement. However only 33% of women actually see themselves as investors.

Ladies, put your hand up - use your voice - share your knowledge. There are others who want to hear what you have to say.

With all that said, good luck! At the end of the day you're here on this page for a reason, and that's all you need to keep in mind - keep at it - soon you'll be authoring your own "investing for beginners".

This is YOUR journey. YOUR financial wellbeing. YOUR hub. 

We are at your command. Be sure to subscribe and stay up-to-date with new resources and events.

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