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February 11, 2023

So you've decided to embark on your investing journey and take control of your money. 


You’re familiar with the basics, trawled every google link under "investing for beginners", explored our handbook, and you’re roaring and ready to go. You may have heard certain stocks being discussed on Social Media (looking at you Netflix), or have overheard a friend talk about how they’re going to “go bullish” on a certain ticker.

But how does one actually follow the markets? Whether you are an active or passive investor, man or woman, all investors need to put some time aside to do some homework. Read on below for some of MWHQ's top resources for following markets.


Daily Interest Rates and Commodity trends with Market Watch


One of the main things is to be able to cut through the investor gossip and the anxiety-inducing chats and focus on interest rates and commodity trends. These will be the daily bread and butter which will enable you to cut through the noise. Market Watch is a great resource for this.


Keep abreast of market trends weekly with Seeking Alpha

Often, we will want to seek guidance from the professionals, so setting some time aside each week to peruse sites like Seeking Alpha to get a general idea on the pulse of the market, professionals' inputs on the market’s direction  and which industries are in or out of favour, is  a great idea


Financial Charting Portals such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance

This is a great option for tracking the real time updates to major stock indicies such as the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 & the Dow Jones. They are also especially useful for tracking the real time value of individual stocks, and one can set alerts for whichever stocks you desire.


Financial Websites

Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, The Balance and MWHQ are great examples of financial websites that one will be able to go to get up to date information on the stock market, as well as trends. From stock market simulators to recommendations for developing an investment strategy, very useful resources. 


Educational Videos

One of the most popular  ways to take in knowledge is in video form, and what better way than in digestible chunks. Youtube has a wide selection which includes but is not limited to  TED Ed, The Financial Education channel, and Investor Centre, are a brilliant starting point.


Stock Screeners

Stock Screeners are handy tools that allow investors to to filter stocks based on personalised criteria including sector, dividend yields, industry, country and performance metrics. Platforms such as FinViz and Trader View are  great options provided by brokers. At  MWHQ we are also building our own platform with this functionality and more, so subscribe to keep updated on developments on this.

White Papers

Also known as “whitepapers”, a white paper are a brilliant resource for keeping up with the markets as they can provide a lot of useful information for the investor, such as outlining exatcly how a company may be intending to solve a particular problem or offer a solution to the market, which can then inform your investing decision. Great places to start for white papers include:,, and


Financial Magazines

Financial Magazines include articles that can help even the most newbie investors stay informed about new market trends and the possibilities of  investment niches. They also cover stories of emerging companies and their potential long-term growth, Great places to start with in the UK include: Money Observer, Taylor & Francis Online, UK Investor Magazine & International Investment Magazine. 


So there you have them. In following the markets, you can dedicate as little or as much time as you want.


While there is no best way to learn about investing in the stock market since every person has a different learning style, the resources above can serve as good starting points to begin your learning journey. So there you have it, investing for beginners made easy (kinda)!

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